I could not help but repost this from the peaceful wife. She explains God’s design for marriages with skillful annointing. Many of our marriages are in ashes and God longs for them to be beautiful! Thanks April!

The Peaceful Wife

We took a marriage class last winter by a man I have known and respected for 25 years – Rev. Harold Weaver.  He spoke a lot about authority during our semester: God-given authority, spiritual authority and the needs of those leaders who are in authority over us.  And I HOPE that one day I have the chance to take his class on spiritual authority.  But one thing he talked about that fascinated me was the two types of authority in marriage.

The husband has “positional authority” – God has given him spiritual authority over the marriage and family.  This is similar to the positional authority of a king, president, manager or CEO.

And the wife has “influential authority.”  The type of influence a wife has at her command in marriage is the same type of influence that a Vice President  (or cabinet member) would have over a President…

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