missing what I lost….

how about you? Is something you once had now gone?

I have suffered with pain and stages of immobility for a year now.  My latest surgery was successful, for that I am grateful and thank the Lord! Yea!!

Ever heard ‘use it or lose it’? Want to guess what I did the most during this past year? Yup, sit. (Before I quit shopping, I was using those motorized carts.) Pain would not allow me to do the things I always took for granted.  So, I sat.

While I am healing rapidly from the surgery and can walk without assistance I lacked muscle strength, endurance & balance. I’d prefer to have these things just reappear with the healing of the surgical site. Yes…YES, I’m lazy. I’m tired. Where did my energy go and what did it do with the legs I used to have?? Argh…

I’ve gone back to work. I am soo tired after work. I stopped doing my exercises….what reward did I get? Stiffness. Immobility.

I am gonna have to work to gain these things back. First one pain, now another – uck!  My body responded quickly to therapy, but just as soon I as stopped it was gone, poof! Immediately, zap.  Pain embraces me when I try to do what I’m supposed to. I’m not crazy about embracing it!

I am reminded how this also happens in the spiritual realm. If I don’t spend time with Jesus, if I don’t read the Bible, if I don’t spend time worshipping, I dry up. We were made to worship and we can’t do this without getting to know Him. It requires effort on our part – just like my exercises.

So, my question is: did you find what you are missing or are you immobile too?


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