How many levels of grief are there? How many different things can one grieve? There are many losses. Pretty much anything you have and then you don’t – you can grieve. The strangest thing I think I grieved was an abusive marriage. That sounds crazy but it was more of a grieving of what I didn’t have with him. I found that to be true when my beautiful 12 day old grandson died. Our memories are so brief and contained to the hospital, it was what we didn’t get to do with him that crushed our hearts. Sometimes grief comes when you expect it and other times it comes by surprise, either way Shock usually answers the door with his twin, Disbelief. These 2 dance with Reality, giving one time to acclimate to the situation.

We buried a brother this weekend. Within hours of finding out he was terminal, he was gone. We all expected more time. Scripture tells us we have no promise of time. I’m afraid I don’t really live that way….I don’t think I know anyone who does. We would be more concerned about everyone we meet if we did. In a blink of an eye we can cross from one realm to the next and the decisions of this life is final. I’m not suggesting that God’s children hand out more tracs. I think that is something we do more to make us feel better than to really change someone’s life. Somehow, it’s impersonal, and we have a very personal God! A passionate God! That’s my favorite word to describe Jesus! I know Gene is with Jesus; that’s not to say it doesn’t hurt…but it’s us that hurts not Gene. Our pain is only for a little while and then we will be together eternally.

I guess I just want to challenge you today. Get to know Passionate Jesus and let that Passionate Love in you saturate others. It will probably take longer than handing out a trac but the return will probably be different!


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