Love & Respect

This is one Dynamic Duo that can quickly turn toxic and cause unbelieveable amounts of pain if not in balance.  Together there is no force that can defeat them; their strength designed by the Maker Himself.  So why are so many marriages in trouble?  Pride, stubbornness, stupidity?  ‘You have to earn respect’, ‘Why should I do that? She doesn’t even respect me.‘ Either of those sound familiar?  Well, they do to me.  Ray & I have had storms that nobody danced in – they almost killed our relationship. We didn’t meet the Dynamic Duo until many, many years into our marriage.  How did it happen? …when I heard the Lord telling me to trust him, not Ray.  The most incredible thing was birthed!  I quit telling Ray what he was doing (he knew anyway) and told the Lord – who wanted to just talk about me!  Tenderly, lovingly, sweet-so sweet.  God handled both sides of our marriage in a way I couldn’t because I only thought I knew what I needed:)  Jesus is The Redeemer!!!!  I love my husband and he is the perfect man for me!  Today is our 27th anniversary.  God is good.  Especially when it hurts……..


3 thoughts on “Love & Respect

  1. Thank you peacefulwife! I thought the same thing when I read yours….and I started at the beginning and read all the way thru! My only troulbe? deciding whether to like each individually or all at once!

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