The Battle Rages……….

I have experience pain in many fashions and am noting some distinctions in the way I handle it.  I’ve heard it said, and would agree, that emotional pain is far worse than physical pain.  Emotional pain injures deep, changing the face of who you are; directing your paths in ways that are ghostly but yet very tangible.  Perception is like that.   Its source is hidden but its belief is in your face, in your way, and determines every thought and action.  The results will continue on unless intentionally challenged by the host.  Physical pain can be remember but never experienced again (unless of course the same thing happens again!).  I have been an abused woman, and these things were my reality.  Of late I’m dealing with pain again…chronic pain, ‘I’m not going anywhere’ pain.  This is a different face of pain altogether.  Does it get my attention?  You bethcha!  Does it limit what I can do?  Without fail.  Does it frustrate me and occassionally bring on depression?  Yes it does.  Emotional pain is hurting so deep your life is snuffed out and being too injured to know it and chronic pain is knowing how to live but being shackled from doing so.  When being so tossed about what’s the answer?  Someone once said, “To realize the worth of the anchor, we need to feel the stress of the storm.”  How true!  Jesus is the only anchor I know that handles the stressor of all storms.  Who or what is your anchor, and is it holding?


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