Silence is golden……

…..isn’t it?   In times of  loneliness, hopelessness, despair, silence can be deafening.  These desperadoes pound with each beat of the heart; leaving one desperate.  Rather than golden, black is more the color of the day.  What’s one to do?  We simply can’t become bed partners with this group of joy robbers and their ability to turn our own hearts against us.

Have you ever washed a bottle and let water continue to flow into it, lifting the suds up & up & up until nothing but pure water spills out of that bottle?  That’s what we have to do!  Pour refreshing, life-giving water into ourselves until negativity has been washed away and our focus restored!  Jesus is life-giving water.  He doesn’t just wash us white as snow but he desires to give us life and life more abundantly!  Isaiah 61:3 says “…to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness…”  So when silence isn’t golden, you have a promise you can cling to. Don’t let go until the desperadoes have left the building and you are putting on that garment of praise!!


Love & Respect

This is one Dynamic Duo that can quickly turn toxic and cause unbelieveable amounts of pain if not in balance.  Together there is no force that can defeat them; their strength designed by the Maker Himself.  So why are so many marriages in trouble?  Pride, stubbornness, stupidity?  ‘You have to earn respect’, ‘Why should I do that? She doesn’t even respect me.‘ Either of those sound familiar?  Well, they do to me.  Ray & I have had storms that nobody danced in – they almost killed our relationship. We didn’t meet the Dynamic Duo until many, many years into our marriage.  How did it happen? …when I heard the Lord telling me to trust him, not Ray.  The most incredible thing was birthed!  I quit telling Ray what he was doing (he knew anyway) and told the Lord – who wanted to just talk about me!  Tenderly, lovingly, sweet-so sweet.  God handled both sides of our marriage in a way I couldn’t because I only thought I knew what I needed:)  Jesus is The Redeemer!!!!  I love my husband and he is the perfect man for me!  Today is our 27th anniversary.  God is good.  Especially when it hurts……..

As you wish……

There is a love story about a commoner and a princess (that’s the way all the things go, isn’t it?) and his reply to all she asked of him was: “as you wish”.  Jerniah 26:14 says, “As for me, I am in Your hands; do with me whatever you think is good & right.” Does that hit you like it does me?!  Complete surrender of my life.  Good & right….that’s good, right? But what if my definition of good is different than His??  We actually can be sure of this because scripture also tells us His ways are not our ways & His thoughts are not our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8). It’s no trouble at all to say “As You wish” when pain, discomfort, or any other unpleasant thing isn’t involved.  Can I trust Him in the midst of risk?  Yes…if I know His Character.  No wonder He delights in the time I spend with Him, for it enables me to know Him – and if I know Him, I can trust Him!!

How goes it for you? Feel like saying ‘as you wish’?

The Battle Rages……….

I have experience pain in many fashions and am noting some distinctions in the way I handle it.  I’ve heard it said, and would agree, that emotional pain is far worse than physical pain.  Emotional pain injures deep, changing the face of who you are; directing your paths in ways that are ghostly but yet very tangible.  Perception is like that.   Its source is hidden but its belief is in your face, in your way, and determines every thought and action.  The results will continue on unless intentionally challenged by the host.  Physical pain can be remember but never experienced again (unless of course the same thing happens again!).  I have been an abused woman, and these things were my reality.  Of late I’m dealing with pain again…chronic pain, ‘I’m not going anywhere’ pain.  This is a different face of pain altogether.  Does it get my attention?  You bethcha!  Does it limit what I can do?  Without fail.  Does it frustrate me and occassionally bring on depression?  Yes it does.  Emotional pain is hurting so deep your life is snuffed out and being too injured to know it and chronic pain is knowing how to live but being shackled from doing so.  When being so tossed about what’s the answer?  Someone once said, “To realize the worth of the anchor, we need to feel the stress of the storm.”  How true!  Jesus is the only anchor I know that handles the stressor of all storms.  Who or what is your anchor, and is it holding?

Warm Days & Heating Pads

What is it about warmth that just makes everything feel better?  I’ve slept on a heating pad many a night and it was soothing even though I was aware of pain.  Today was like that….all over warmth – easing pain, lifting spirits, just birthing joy everywhere I went.  I’ve never thought of spring days being similar to my trusty heating pad but I recognize the relief, the sweetest of hope, the joy of rest from burdens, the promise of ‘what ifs’.  What a kiss from the Lord today – I hope you enjoyed it too!

Who ya gonna call……..

No, not Ghostbusters!  Living with chronic pain is exhausting.  At times it feels like the burden of it weighs a ton.  It feels lonely – maybe that’s why so often those suffering talk about it, describing as best as they can…wanting someone to understand.  Yet, how can anyone understand where they have not walked; and sadly how much better I now understand where I once was.  Too often that which is free, reliable, is taken for granted.  I look at runners enviously…..did I ever run?  I’m sure you know the answer to that!  I have started relying on scripture to cope with pain.  Psalm 10:17 says: You hear, O LORD, the desire of the afflicted.  You encourage them, and You listen to their cry.  Call on the Name of the LORD, He’s listening and He will encourage you!

In the beginning…..

Everything has a beginning, a start up, a birth.  Well, this is my latest beginning – a blog.  Getting onto ‘paper’ what goes on in my head…

Vivian Green said, “Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass…it’s about learning to DANCE in the rain!”  I love that, don’t you?  To me it’s a word picture for ‘My grace is sufficient for you’ – an inviting adventure!  Oh, what a better way to view my storms.  It seems I have had quite a few ‘adventures’ and I’m just not so sure I’ve always danced.  I’ve wanted to, but I’m afraid my attempts were clumsy rather than fluid!  I’ve complained along the way, perhaps searching for an umbrella or shelter until I hear the familiar tone of His voice: “dance with Me…just dance with Me, I don’t mind how it looks – I will show you, I will teach you, I will carry you.”  Who could resist??  And then a wonderful thing happens – no one is looking at me any more, they’re looking at my Partner!  Yes, His grace is sufficient!  Dance!